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We contribute to building technology ventures in the following sectors: Web3 technologies, solutions for human resources service, logistics.

What Does ASFA mean?

In Arabic Asf means: taming a horse in its early stages of life.

Drawing from this analogy, we create, build, support, and nurture ventures from their early stages, establishing them with meticulous care akin to that given to purebred Arabian horses

Our Team

Saleh Alamr


Mansour Al-Shuaibi


Mohammed Badwi


Amr Abou Shady


Abdulrahman Alassaf

Board Member

Abdulmalik Al Modayfer

Board Member

What We Do?

9 out of 10 companies fail in the first 3 years.

In the entrepreneurship sector, the success rate is generally low due to various factors. At ASFA Ventures, we serve as a pioneering venture builder, increasing their success rates. We achieve this by providing the necessary resources and expertise to help ventures overcome obstacles and enhance their chances of success, ultimately guiding them towards becoming successful leading companies

What Are We Working on?

Our Pioneering Ventures

How Do We Work

Talent Acquisition

We attract talented individuals who can face challenges, demonstrate patience, and endure difficult circumstances to build an authentic and successful pioneering venture and become partners with us in the success of these ventures


The validation process and study of various ideas to determine their value, feasibility, and applicability are subjected to several stages

  • Careful analysis of ideas is conducted, wherein each aspect of the idea is thoroughly examined to determine its feasibility and applicability
  • Conducting a search for information related to the idea and verifying its validity and compatibility with reality, quality standards, and industry standards
  • Seeking input and guidance from experts and specialists in the relevant field regarding the idea to obtain their perspectives and insights on its feasibility and compatibility with various requirements


Entrepreneurial ventures are invested in to support their growth by providing the necessary resources. This includes establishing a legal entity, assisting with obtaining permits, marketing and promotion, hiring human resources, providing a workspace, and helping them with the necessary networking for business expansion

Study and generating ideas

We generate creative ideas internally in brainstorming sessions

We thoroughly search for the best new ideas characterized by creativity and innovation. Our goal is to find new solutions to various problems and improve performance and success in different aspects of life within the areas we are currently focusing on


The most crucial stage in building a new venture is forming a team led by one of ASFA heroes, followed by the development of a preliminary model of the idea. Using this model, we can conduct a practical test of the idea to assess its success and suitability for the target market. This is typically done through experiments or case studies to evaluate the idea and determine its ability to achieve the desired goals

The Building phase may involve moving back and forth between the stages of Verification and Study, Thinking, and Building several times until a final product suitable for the market is produced

Working Method

Our Path

Generating ideas

Refining ideas

Finding ASFA Champions


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